Wooden Reversible Snowman Stacked Pumpkin Cutout


Wooden pumpkin and snowman cutouts for crafting, painting and decorating.

Size is based on the height.


This wooden snowman and pumpkin cutout is a fun decorative piece for any farm or barn, or could also make for a great sign. This wooden shape is ready to be crafted to the way you like. You can use these on wreathes, as a chalkboard or a wooden silhouette.

This wooden snowman and pumpkin cutout is available in 2 inch to 36 inch in 5 different thicknesses.

You can paint this wooden snowman and pumpkin a solid black for a regular silhouette look. If you paint it with chalk board paint, you can use it as a chalk board for a unique piece of decor.

  • Thickness is approximate
  • Size is based on the height
  • Lightly sanded
  • Unfinished
  • Baltic Birch plywood
  • Recommended for indoor use only

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