Wooden Circle Shape Cutouts


Wooden circle cutouts in 4 thicknesses from 2 inches to 36 inches in size. Small wooden discs are perfect for adorning craft projects. The large wooden circles can be used as a base for larger crafting projects! Perfect for using as a door hanger with words and a little bow!

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If you are looking for a shape that can be used for just about anything, the wooden circle shape is it! You can use these to decorate in sports themes, as a base for cakes, or make a monogram decor statement piece. You can use these large wood circles for door hangers and hello or hi on them as well! This versatile wooden shape is simple as it can get, however it can big impact on your project!

The wooden circle cutouts can be used to make magnets for your little athletic person. You can paint these orange and add in a letter or number to display your star basketball player’s number with pride. You can paint these white and add in vinyl soccer ball outlines or baseball outlines and a number to do the same for those sports.

Using the unfinished wooden circles to make a piece of home decor couldn’t be easier! Take a wooden monogram or letter at about 75% (an 18-inch monogram fits really well on a 24-inch circle) of the unfinished wooden circle to produce a hanging piece just about anywhere in your home. If you aren’t sure of the size letter or monogram to use, let us know and we will send you a preview of what it would look like.

We offer these wooden circle shapes in 4 thicknesses and 2″ to 36″ diameter to fit your craft project needs. The 1/8″ wood circle disks may be laser cut or cut on our larger wood cutting machine. The laser will leave a darkened edge.

  • Thickness is approximate
  • Indoor use only is recommended
  • Sanded to 120 grit on the front and back

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