Unfinished Wooden Monogram


Unfinished wooden monograms are stylish and never go out of style! We custom make monogram initials in our shop every day!

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This unfinished wooden monogram is ideal for crafting projects that you want to personalize. These wood monogram letters can be used by themselves, on wreaths, front doors and more.

You can hang this on your front door (as long as you have a porch or protect it from the weather). This makes for a stylish and trendy statement. We recommend using a monogram that is 18 to 24 inches (they are the same for width and height) in the 1/2 inch thick to make it good and sturdy. If you have a large door, you can use a large monogram. Most front doors are 32 or 36 inches wide.

We recommend you get a wreath before the monogram. Then you can measure to see what size monogram will fit. We also recommend going with a 1/4 inch thick due to weight and it looks much better in our opinion. You can also use a smaller monogram in the 4 to 6-inch size for the wreath as well.

If you are looking for the perfect wedding gift, this is it! We have received photos from our customers that have used an unfinished wooden monogram as guest books, centerpieces in the reception and even just displaying on the table for bride and groom.

You can also use unfinished monograms for a quick and easy wedding decor (and save big $). This cute DIY monogram tutorial from You’re So Pretty shows how to make beautiful monogram with a few flowers and some spray paint.

Here is another idea from Oyster and Pearls for a cute DIY project. They used a canvas panel and some burlap to make a one of a kind wall monogram.

  • Thickness is approximate
  • Lightly sanded and may need final sanding before painting
  • Recommended for indoor use only
  • Material is Baltic Birch

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