Wooden Surfboard Cutout


Wooden surfboard cutouts for crafting, painting and decorating. Make a cute chalkboard for your wall!

Size is based on the height.

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This wooden surfboard cutout is a great decorative piece for any lake or beach house. The possibilities when it comes to customizing and painting this wooden surfboard shape are nearly endless!

This wooden surfboard cutout is available in 2 inch to 36 inch in 5 different thicknesses. You can use the small wooden surfboard cutout to decorate a wreath or ornate name pins.

You can paint this wooden surfboard a solid black for a regular silhouette look. If you paint it with chalk board paint, you can use it as a chalk board for a unique piece of decor.

  • Thickness is approximate
  • Size is based on the length
  • Lightly sanded
  • Unfinished
  • Baltic Birch plywood
  • Recommended for indoor use only

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