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DIY Wooden Mr Sticky Fingers

“Grinch” Hand w/ Ornament



You’ll smile every time you look at this piece! Just follow the steps below…

The usual supply list:

You’ll also need:

  • a pencil w/ eraser
  • Black paint pen

As always, begin with lightly sanding the piece & wiping w/ a slightly damp cloth or paper towel.  Tape off the ornament cap between the fingers- that’s it!  -the rest of the design is done with a pencil.


Looking at the finished version as a guide, draw the cuff edges & lines of the arm, (the arm should be narrower than the sleeve). Simply ERASE & correct as needed, until you’re happy with it.


I painted the edges black, except for cuff & ornament, to help the colors pop, then added the black inside the cuff.


The sleeve and ornament got a base coat of  Christmas red. After drying and sanding, I used the same red & added strokes of a deeper crimson red for depth, but you can  match the ornament color to your decor.


Moving on to the hand, I repeated the process, using leaf green as the base.


Then I added strokes of a spring green on the second coat.


Follow the pattern to add white to the cuff and silver to the ornament cap.


Using a black paint pen, outline & add character lines by referring to the pictures. (If you’re not used to a paint pen, practice on a paper plate until you feel confident!)


I sponge-painted polka dots on the ornament, but the design possibilities are endless!  -initials, stripes, stencils- be creative.


Mod Podge & glitter on the cuff & dots give this piece some Christmas glitz. Glossy spray sealer keeps it all in place.


And Voila!   SO MUCH FUN!

Happy Crafting!